I was homeless for about 8 months then Kiwanis found me this place Labeland I am very blessed to be here, very very blessed. - DL

Qualicum Park Village



The landscape architecture components was designed in such a way that supports the objectives outlined in the Town of Qualicum Beach Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 700, 2011 (OCP). These items include tree and shrub planting that provide habitat value, enhances the buffer for the 1st Avenue frontage, and integrates parking and refuse areas into the landscape with vegetative screening from residential uses. As discussed in the OCP, screens and buffers within the development do not ‘separate [the development] from the surrounding community by containing the development with walled or fenced enclaves’, but provide a certain amount of privacy screening for residential uses adjacent to public areas (ie: the Community Park).

Existing native vegetation has been retained and enhanced wherever possible. In addition to the soft landscape components of the project, the landscape architecture includes permeable hard and soft exterior pedestrian surfaces, courtyards, site furnishings, fencing and exterior structures.

Social sustainability has been supported with the introduction of tenant gardening opportunities in the form of raised planters. These gardening areas allow for ‘over the fence’ social interaction between neighbouring tenants. Water conservation and environmental sustainability is supported in the use of rain garden facilities throughout the site that slow and clean storm water run-off from the roadways. Gardens have been planted in such a way that it blends the site into the forest park-like setting surrounding the development. The use of native plants and low volume irrigation systems also contributes to the water conservation initiatives.