I was homeless for about 8 months then Kiwanis found me this place Labeland I am very blessed to be here, very very blessed. - DL

Qualicum Park Village


Project Team

The project team was selected by the Kiwanis Housing Society with an objective of using the services of professionals who are members in the community with an interest in sustainable affordable housing development in Qualicum Beach and neighbouring areas.

The Development Team is as follows:

Owner, Parksville Qualicum Kiwanis Housing Society
Pat Weber
Scott Rodway
Renate Sutherland
Pat Sullivan
Bill Bennett
Guy Slavik
Project Development Consultants
Walter Hoogland, Development Manager
Residential Design (Site, Duplexes and Triplexes)
CA Design
John Larson, Principal
Civil Engineering (Offsite and Onsite)
Koers Engineering
Matt Palmer, Associate
Tim Chapman
Landscape Architects
McDonald Gray
Cara MacDonald, Principal
Electrical Engineering (Site Lighting)
R.B. Engineering
Les Brown, Principal

Fundraising isn’t going to be just during the construction phase, as the years go we will continue to fundraise to keep the rents affordable.